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How to setup microsoft office outlook 2007 with yahoo mail free download.Outlook 2007 settings for Yahoo mail


How to setup microsoft office outlook 2007 with yahoo mail free download.How to Access Yahoo Mail With Outlook


Use Troubleshoot & Resolve for email settings.Can’t add an Yahoo! email account to Outlook – Outlook


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How to setup microsoft office outlook 2007 with yahoo mail free download.How to set up Yahoo Mail and Outlook | IT Online Training


Email is by far the most important means of communication in the world today. Not only is it the preferred means of communication for business purposes, it is more often than not one of the primary means of staying in touch with friends and family. On any given day, you may be sending quite a few emails at work using a corporate email system like Microsoft Outlook and at the same time using many of the free web email applications like Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Hotmail for your personal use.

Email is also known as e-mail. There are other popular web mail choices like Hotmail, Gmail etc. Many of them are pretty much the same in functionality, so we will just cover one of them today. If you do not have a Yahoo mail account, you can sign up for a free email account. We have included a screen shot of what it looks like right below. After you set up your Free email account with Yahoo, you will need to login or signin to Yahoo Mail.

If you forget the website, an easy one to remember is this location, simply Mail. You will need to enter the same username and password used during Yahoo registration process for initial setup. In my case I have already logged into my Yahoo email account. After I pass through the login screen, I get into the email application. As you can see right below I have more than 20, emails!! I am either really popular or I get a few junk emails in my Yahoo mail account.

I think the latter is true in this case. We are using the new email version of Yahoo Mail, so it may look different depending on the version you are using. The screen is split into two main areas. On the left side you will see Yahoo email related section, personal contacts and a section titled applications towards bottom.

This is a new feature in Yahoo Mail where you can do things like add an appointment to a calendar, manage your photos and use other apps like Paypal, Evite, etc. This gives you the ability to have quick access to your personal contacts. You can also add additional info about your contacts here. Finally you will see some of my personal folders in Yahoo mail that I have customized in order to better organize my email.

Doing this will also help you especially when you are trying to find an existing email that you wanna hold onto for future reference. Right above the folders, you will notice the navigation tabs including commonly used features of using an email system like Yahoo.

These include checking existing emails or sending a new email message. Let us look at these options one by one. When you are ready to create an email message, go ahead and click on the drop down arrow labeled New. From the drop down, go ahead and choose Email message. This should open up the new message window in Yahoo Mail, shown as follows. If the person that you are trying to send a Yahoo e-mail to already exists under your contacts folder, then you can simply type the first few letters of their name.

This will let Yahoo mail auto populate this field. In case you do not have the e-mail address already, you will need to type the whole e-mail address in this box. I am going to go ahead and use one of my other emails aliases here: kashi learningcomputer. Subject : You can enter the subject matter of the Yahoo email here.

In this field I will go ahead and enter Test mail for now. Body : The big white rectangle is the actual body of your email in Yahoo Mail. Lets go ahead and enter some text here. This option will enable a basic formatting toolbar for your outgoing e-mail.

You can modify things like font type, font size, bold, italicize, underline and a few more formatting options. Send : You will need to click on this on when you are ready to send the Yahoo e-mail message. Attach : When you click on this button, Yahoo Mail will launch another dialog box where you can attach additional files like Word document or Excel spreadsheet to your email message.

For now we are going to skip this part. Save Draft : This option will let you save an email message so you can review send it later in Yahoo. Spelling : When you are done creating an email message, it is always a good idea to check the spelling. When you click on this option, it will go through all your email and highlight any of the misspelled words. I think we are ready to send our Yahoo email now. Here is what the email looks like before I send it. After reviewing it, you can simply click on Send.

Before we move onto the next topic on Yahoo Mail, I would like to show you how the email that we just sent looks like at its destination site. This is not Yahoo Mail system but a seperate email system.

I have logged into yet another web mail client on my website learningcomputer. Right below you will notice the last email I received is from Kash, my Gemini twin!

Notice you will see similar items like To, From, Subject etc. I am going to click on Reply and send a quick note back to the sender, mum that would be Me! Now that we are done with creating and sending a new message, let us move onto the next topic, checking your email in Yahoo. Back in Yahoo Mail system, you will notice the first button on the left most part in Check Mail. When you do that, you will notice that the main window has changed and now you have a new tab Inbox with different options on the top.

This is where you will receive new emails in Yahoo. Right off the bat you will also notice that the emails in the Inbox are sorted by date in a descending order. What this means is that the newest emails are on top and the oldest ones are on the bottom. The column headings are also clickable, so you could simply click on the headings like From to sort the emails by the sender.

If you look at the first email, you will see that I did get a reply back from kashi learningcomputer. When you click anywhere on the item, it will go ahead and open up the new email message in the bottom pane. Some of the items in the above figure should be familiar to you by now. You will notice that we have the subject of the mail highlighted on the top, followed by from, to and then the actually body of the email. In addition observe that this email attached the original e-mail message towards the bottom.

This is useful when you are trying to work on something that came from another email source. Essentially it keeps a running log of the items that were being discussed in the incoming message. Once you have read the e-mail, you can take many different actions on it including the following options in Yahoo Mail:. Delete : This option will go ahead and remove the message and move it to your Trash folder. Forward : This one is a handy little option which will allow you to forward the message onto somebody else.

Move : This Button is useful when you would like to organize your email into personalized mail folders. For example if I received something on real estate, I could easily move it to the real estate folder. Actions : This is a new feature that gives you additional features to work with your electronic mail. You can do things like these: Marking an e-mail as already read, selecting all emails etc.

The last thing we want to discuss regarding Yahoo Mail is the ability to manage and organize your emails effectively. We already looked at one option of having personalized folders where you can organize your email messages. The other important item is search capabilities in Yahoo emails. Let us assume that you are looking for e-mails from Travelocity. How would you do that in Yahoo Mail? One obvious way is to filter by sender, then browse through all the emails to see what you are looking for.

A much easier way to do this is to use the built-in search mail functionality within Yahoo! This is a much more efficient way to work with your yahoomail rather than using the sorted list feature. Next we are going to look at some features in Microsoft Outlook which is the most popular corporate email system in use. In order to launch Outlook , you need to do the following:. You will notice that MS Outlook by default creates three sections or panes that you can work with.

In the left pane also known as the Navigation Pane, you will see all the mail related folders including the following:. Drafts : The emails that are in progress and have not been sent out yet are in this folder. Besides the mail folders you will also see other options like Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Let us move onto the middle pane, this is where you can see your e-mails in a list format.

Typically you will see headings like:. From [sender of the email] Subject [subject of the email] Received [date of the email]. Just like the web email we saw in Yahoo Mail, you can click on these headings to sort the e-mails in a certain order. Moving onto the third pane which is the one to the right side. This is where you will find detailed information on your email. Most of these fields should be familiar to you by now, things like sender, to, subject, time of message delivery and the most important, the actual body of the email.

Let us go ahead and reply to the above email message now. In order to reply, you can either choose a Reply from the tool bar above or use the right click menu.