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Microsoft powerpoint 2016 skills test upwork answers free download.Upwork Test Answers / Test Answers


Microsoft powerpoint 2016 skills test upwork answers free download.PowerPoint 2016 test


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Microsoft powerpoint 2016 skills test upwork answers free download.UPWORK TEST ANSWER OF Microsoft PowerPoint test answers of


What does the Set Transparent Color Wand do? Makes pictures and clip art transparent. Makes text transparent. Makes one color in a picture or clip art transparent. Makes the slide background transparent. Suppose you have 5 slides in your presentation and you want to print specific slides 3 to 5. Which of the following ranges is correct? None of the above. What feature lets you have several shows within the same presentation, for example, a minute show and a minute show?

Open Document Presentations. Custom Shows. Kiosk Mode Shows. Notes Page Presentations. What does the Broadcast Slide Show feature do? It publishes your presentation as HTML. It uploads your presentation as a website. It broadcasts your presentation for remote viewers to watch in a web browser. What type of animation does this yellow icon denote? This symbol indicates a hidden slide.

This symbol appears when you insert a picture. This symbol appears when you add either an animation or a transition to a slide. What has been applied to transform the picture on the left to the one on the right? A Picture Style. A Picture Effects Preset. An Artistic Effect. A Color Correction. Which of the following is not a category of transition?

Dynamic Content. In Microsoft PowerPoint , how would you crop a picture to an exact set of dimensions? Enter the size numbers in the Width, Height, Left and Top boxes. Select the picture and right click on it.

Both a and b. It is used to discard the recorded slide timings. It sets the exact length of time for a slide to appear. It disallows random mouse clicks to advance a slide and forces the user to use provided navigation buttons or links.

Which of the following options would you choose to turn off the narration? Select narration and right click on it. Select Mute from the list. All of the above. How do you change the colors of a SmartArt Diagram? When you paste slides into a presentation, how do you maintain their original formatting? Click the Insert Slide Design button on the Home tab.

Click the Format Slide button in the Slides Pane. Select another template from the Slide Design pane. How do you insert a new slide master into a presentation?

In Master View, click the Insert Layout button. Which file format includes macros that can be used in a presentation? Page Setup. Slide Show. Switch Windows. Click on the File Menu, then click Options. On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click Message bar. How would you write on the slides during a slide show? In the Slide Sorter view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pen Options, and then click on a pen.

Drag it to write. On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, select a pen and then drag it to write. In the Slide Show view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pointer Options, and then click on a pen or a highlighter option. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to write. How do you display the keyboard accelerators in Microsoft PowerPoint ?

Press and hold the ALT button. Press and hold the CTRL button. Which of the following tools does not appear on the Arrange dropdown on the Home tab? Size and position. Selection pane. Refer to the given image. Which of the following fill options does not have a transparency option? State whether True or False:. You can add your own placeholders to the Slide Layouts.

Which chart type is represented in the given picture? Radar charts. Surface charts. XY scatter charts. Bar charts. How will you read comments that reviewers have added to your presentation?

On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click on Show Markup. Text box. Slide Title. How would you create text in the shape of a half-circle? Insert Word Art. Drawing Tools Format, Edit Shape. Which State whether True or False: When adding commands to the Ribbon, you must first create a custom group for those commands. What does the Remove Background tool do? Removes graphics from a slide background. Makes an image background transparent. Deletes speaker notes and file properties. What type of hidden data and personal information cannot be detected by the Document Inspector in Microsoft PowerPoint ?

It cannot detect or remove off-slide objects with animation effects. It cannot remove pictures that are added to the notes section of a presentation.

By default, when you paste a chart from Excel into PowerPoint , is it linked or embedded? It is linked. It is embedded. How do you make it enter from the bottom instead of the right? Use the Effect Options button on the Transitions tab. Use the Directions setting in Transition Preview.

Click Orbit twice in the Transitions gallery. How do you adjust the hanging indent in a bulleted list? Drag the indent markers on the ruler. Click the indent button on the Drawing Tools Format tab.

Right-click in the textbox and choose Edit Text.